Contributing Guide

This document shows you how to contribute to the project.


Make sure you have the following dependencies on your machine:

  • Node.js
  • npm
  • Git


Get the source by cloning the repository:

$ git clone

Navigate to the project folder and install the dependencies via:

$ npm install


The tests are run with jasmine and karma.

$ npm test

The npm test command gives you a test coverage summary in the standard output. If you wish to see a more detailed coverage report, a html report is produced in the coverage folder.

Submitting changes

  • Fork the repository
  • Checkout a new branch based on master and name it with the new feature / fix you want to do.
    • $ git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME
    • Use one branch per fix / feature
  • Make your changes
    • Make sure you have correctly exported the pipe and its module
    • Make sure to provide unit tests
    • Make sure you provided documentation for your pipe (also add links to
    • Run your tests with npm test
    • Make sure the tests pass and you have 100% coverage.
  • Commit (explicit message)
  • Push to the forked repository
  • Make a pull request

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